Christian Women's Job Corps

Fall 2018 Graduation Keynote Speaker

Tammy Burnette

Tammy Burnette is the department chair of Healthcare Technology and Medical Systems at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. With a strong interest in education, coaching, and mentoring she is a volunteer at TJC as a student mentor and a GED instructor at the Literacy Council of Tyler.

Tammy has worked in healthcare for over 17 years with a specialty on revenue cycle and operational management. She works as a consultant for healthcare systems for the purpose of federal reporting.  Tammy is most passionate about expanding educational opportunities for people interested in obtaining a higher educational degree.

Tammy went to the Literacy Council of Tyler as an adult to obtain her GED as a single parent of four children. It was through her experience at the Literacy Council that Tammy was inspired to further her educational and professional goals.


Tammy has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, a Master’s in Human Resource Development, a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and a PhD in Human Resource Development.



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