Graduation Spring 2021- The Year of Gratitude

Apr 14, 2021

The graduation ceremony is always a wonderful time of celebration! This year, as we recognize the 20th anniversary of CWJC Tyler, we are especially grateful for all God has provided over the years through the many volunteers, donors, and students who He has sent our way.

This year’s celebration began with melodies played by Lisa White. The energy and pride could be felt as the graduates entered through a processional to Pomp and Circumstance. Their heads held high and the smiles on their faces told a story of their progress and achievements for which we give all glory to God!

Gina Anderson delivered a light-hearted and yet heartfelt Keynote Address – a story of overcoming and trusting in God even through the most painful of situations. Her message was inspiring and a reminder that joy is found in communion with Him!

Students were selected by their classmates to speak on their time at CWJC. We hope you enjoy these excerpts from their speeches.

“I have personally experienced the impact that CWJC has on women firsthand from the kindness and compassion extended from the staff, volunteer teachers, journey partners, mock interviewers, and job coaches as they pour wisdom and care into thirsty souls looking for guidance and let us know we are capable and worthy.” – Crystal

Addressing our volunteers, “Activators. Each one of you has activated the gifts, strengths, and vision that we had somehow lost sight of along the way… or maybe we have never even seen at all.” – Brandi

“Throughout the course, we learned many things. To name a few, we learned about how much God loves and cares for us and how it is okay to set healthy boundaries. We learned about roadblocks and how to identify and overcome them. What our skills are, our character traits, computer skills, typing, and so much more. CWJC has opened doors to opportunities we did not know we had.” – Rosario

“God delivered me from addiction, co-dependency and bad choices. I now have unity with sisters I’ve gained through Son Shine and CWJC. This experience changes our futures.”
“Our future is going to be something that we can be proud of. I imagine a happy life with Tori’s future children and my future grandbabies! We will both be living out our God-given identities.” – Mother and daughter, Candice and Tori

“Many of us came in scared, but we are all coming out ready to work. We are enlightened and ready to share our new skills.”
– Shelia

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Pastor Pike Wisner and First Baptist Church for sharing their beautiful facilities with us. And special thanks to Graduation Coordinator, Melissa Parker, who takes care of all of the details and beautifully pulls together this impactful event!